Gehl BL844 Backhoe Loader - Center Mount

BL 844-CM Backhoe Loader

  • Rated Lift Capacity: 3465 kgf
  • Digging Depth: 4741 mm
  • Maximum Reach Height: 1282 mm
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Gehl is breaking new ground with its range of versatile, innovative and efficient backhoe loaders. Designed to increase your productivity and profitability, these powerful workhorses have a host of new features aimed at enhancing comfort, reducing driver fatigue and aiding productivity.


Gehl BL818S  Performance



The BL844-CM is built with a robust lift arm that incorporates performance and durability.

  • A heavy duty machine needs a transmission and axels to match.
  • Gehl backhoe loaders use a 4 speed synchro-shuttle transmission with a modulated clutch pack which delivers excellent traction and smooth forward & reverse shifting during laoading.
  • Front axle that allows for 16 degrees of oscillation and sealed king pins, you have a highly durable machine that delivers lower maintenance costs.

Power with Fuel Efficiency

  • Standard 92hp Perkins or 90hp KOEL turbo charged engines delivers outstanding power, torque and fuel efficiency without wasting fuel.
  • Low fuel and maintenance costs ultimately mean higher earnings with our products.

Better Bucket Mean Greater Performance

  • The backhoe buckets offer durability and productivity.
  • Our buckets have a maximum rotation of 194 degrees  that allow operators to pick up more material with less pillage.
  • Self-leveling buckets improve stability, lessen spillage and come in a range of sizes including the popular 7-in-1 bucket that allows you to tackle a wide range of jobsites tasks.

Standard and Extended Dipper

  • Users have the opportunity to choose between a standard and optional extended dipper.
  • Standard dipper has a 4.74 m maximum dig depth
  • Optional extended dipper increases the dig depth by 1 m, thereby allowing the operator to dig faster with less repositioning and resulting in a better ROI.

Side Mount and Center Mount Models

  • Side shift models allow for a greater reach and lesser amount of machine repositioning.
  • Center mount models come with butterfly stabilizers for deeper penetration

Operator Station

Gehl BL818S  Operators Cabin



Cabin Ventilation

  • Improved operators comfort is realized through the use of rear quarter windows.
  • When open allows air flow as well as improved right-angle trenching visibility

Comfort and Convenience

  • Factory installed FM radio
  • Optional air conditioning allows you to customize your cabin to your needs.

Adjustable Seat

  • A seven-way adjustable seat provides excellent operator comfort
  • The operator can rotate the seat to access the excavator levers.
  • Suspension or mechanical suspension seats are available.


  • All backhoe loaders are Level II ROPS & FOPS standards, which provides added levels of protection for the operator.



Overall Length 7338 mm
Overall Height 3762 mm
Wheelbase 2130 mm
Overall Width 2330 mm
Cabin Height 2770 mm
Ground Clearance 400 mm

Backhoe Performance

Maximum Dig Depth 4741 mm
Maximum Reach - Ground Level to Slew Center 5730 mm
Maximum Loading Reach 1996 mm
Maximum Operating Height 5669 mm
Maximum Loading Height SAE 3553 mm
Maximum Loading Height 3871 mm
Maximum Straight Wall Dig Depth 2602 mm
Maximum Bucket Rotation 194°
Dipper Tear Out 3946 kgf
Bucket Tear Out 5219 kgf
Hydraulic Lift Capacity 1384 kgf

Loader Performance

Maximum Dump Height at 45° 2708 mm
Maximum Loadover Height 3310 mm
Maximum Hinge Pin Height 3550 mm
Maximum Reach at Full Height 1282 mm
Maximum Reach at Full Height 45° 829 mm
Below Ground Dig Depth 156 mm
Rollback at Ground 45°
Maximum Dump Angle 57°
Maximum Operating Height 4230 mm 
Arms Breakout 4685 kgf
Lift Capacity to Full Height 3465 kgf

Operating Weight

Machine Kerb Weight 7500 kg
Machine Kerb Weight with 4WD 7600 kg
Machine Kerb Weight with 4WD & 7-in-1 7930 kg

Turning Radius

Inner Wheels not braked* Over Tires | Over Bucket 8.4 m
Inner wheels braked* Over Tires | Over Bucket 7.2


Fuel Tank 120 L
Engine Coolant 16 L
Engine Oil 11 L
Transmission 15 L
Rear Axle 17.5 L
Hydraulic Oil 90 L


A/C Cabin / Canopy Four Wheel Drive (Instead of 2WD) 7-in-1 Clam-Shovel
Range of Trenching Buckets Ditch Cleaning Bucket 1.2 cu m Loader Bucket
Extendable Dipper Ripper Tooth