Manitou Americas Introduces a New TCO Calculator for Gehl Brand


Manitou Americas Introduces a New TCO Calculator for Gehl Brand

by Cassandra Zimmerman | Mar 24, 2017
Total Cost of Ownership calculations help customers understand the direct and indirect costs of owning any Manitou, Gehl or Mustang product.

Manitou Americas Introduces a New TCO Calculator for Gehl Brand

Total Cost of Ownership calculations help customers understand the direct and indirect costs of owning any Manitou, Gehl or Mustang product.Gehl TCO

WEST BEND, WISCONSIN – (March 23, 2017) Manitou Americas, Inc. has released a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator for Gehl and Mustang product lines. The TCO calculator(s) found on and are interactive tools that allows prospective customers and current equipment owners the ability to quickly calculate ownership costs over the lifecycle of a variety of products.

Total cost of ownership calculations help customers understand the direct and indirect costs of owning any Manitou, Gehl, or Mustang branded equipment. TCO involves several variable including: acquisition price, fuel costs and fuel economy, maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled), insurance, training (operator and maintenance), and re-sale or residual value. Understanding these variables with the ability to quickly and easily calculate TCO, allows the customer to understand operational costs over the lifecycle of the machine.

“We’re excited to launch the new TCO calculator tool to our current and prospective customers as well as our dealers”, said David Harrison, Director of After Sales, Manitou Americas, Inc. “Lowering the cost of ownership is a very important concept throughout the Manitou Group organization. It is very important for us to help our customers make informed buying decisions. The TCO calculator reinforces our commitment to reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers and our dealer network.”

The TCO calculators have been developed for use by our dealer network as well as our current and prospective customers to estimate the TCO in any industry, and any piece of equipment beyond those manufactured by Manitou Group. The calculator allows the user to customize their TCO estimation in real-time, providing a custom report upon completion of a short questionnaire. The TCO calculators are available today on the following websites:,, and

Download TCO Brochure Here
MANITOU Group, world leader in all-terrain material handling, designs, manufactures, distributes and services equipment for Construction, Agriculture, and the Industries. Its product range consists of; telescopic handlers, all-terrain, skid steers, track loaders, articulated loaders, semi-industrial and industrial masted forklifts, access platforms, truck-mounted forklifts, and attachments. Through its core brands, MANITOU, GEHL, and MUSTANG, the Manitou Group offers more than 400 models throughout the world, with an international network of 1,400 independent dealers, providing the best solutions to deliver the highest value for its customers. Headquartered in France, the group registered a revenue of €1.29 billion in 140 countries in 2015, and employs 3,300 people all committed to satisfying customers.


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